Sprinkler Head Protectors Sprinkler Head Protectors
Painter's Foil

Sprinkler Head Protectors

Cover sprinkler heads fast & easy!

Painter's Foil
Sprinkler Head

Designed to be used by commercial painting contractors to save time and money.

Trying to save time as a professional commercial painting contractor at a large warehouse or a large complex with sprinkler heads? Commercial painters know there is not an easy way to protect sprinkler heads.

With the Painter's Foil Sprinkler Head Protector, now there's a solution! Simply wrap around the sprinkler head, paint and peel! No paint gets on the sprinkler. Perfect for sprayers! Simply dispose of when the job is over.

  • Pre-Formed Foil Sheets
  • Available in 500 Sheet Packs
  • Made in the USA
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1. Apply over sprinkler head


2. Remove after painting