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For The Easiest And Fastest Way To Keep Door Hinges Clean While Painting Use The Paint & Peel Door Hinge Protectors!

Welcome to Paint & Peel Industries!

We are the manufacturers of the Paint & Peel Door Hinge Protectors® and Painter's Foil Sprinkler Head ProtectorsTM.

Our Products are specifically designed to save professional painting contractors and do-it-yourselfers time and money!

The Paint & Peel Door Hinge Protectors®:

The Door Hinge Protectors are the fastest and easiest way to keep door hinges clean while painting. They are available to fit 3-1/2" rounded corner door hinges. The door Does Not have to be removed to use this product. (What a time saver!) Simply apply the pre-formed pieces, paint and peel and you're done. Door Hinges stay clean!

The Painter's Foil Sprinkler Head ProtectorsTM:

Here's a product that's available for commercial painting contractors. Painters' Foil is designed to make covering sprinkler heads prior to spraying fast and easy.

Make Painting Around Door Hinges Hassle Free!
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