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Painter's Foil Sprinkler Head ProtectorsTM

Painter's Foil Sprinkler Head ProtectorsTM are designed to make covering or "masking off" sprinkler heads easy and inexpensive.

They are designed to be used by commercial painting contractors to save time and money.

To date there has been no easy way to mask off sprinkler heads inexpensively, until now. Buying rolls of aluminum foil or using plastic and tape are just not efficient or cost effective.

As we know on any new commercial building or repaint sprinkler heads must be masked off. Our product was designed just for this job. You will save time and money.

They are packed for painting contractors in 250 and 500 sheet packs.

Here's How They Work:

Take the pre-formed foil sheet from the hand-held reusable box and apply over the sprinkler head. It's that easy! The sheets are pre-cut to the perfect size! When finished remove. Store away in reusable storage box.